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Electrical Panel Installations & Upgrades in Fort Worth

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As trusted electricians in the area, the team at Dodson Electric understands the importance of a safe and efficient electrical system for your home. Whether you need a new electrical panel installed or are looking to upgrade your existing one, our team of skilled electricians is here to deliver top-notch service.

With our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure that your electrical panel installations and upgrades are performed to the highest standards, providing you with enhanced safety, reliability, and functionality for years to come.

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Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel in Fort Worth?

As technology advances, our electrical demands increase. Your electrical panel is the heart of your home or business’s electrical system and divides the supply into different circuits to provide access to power to different areas of your home or business.

As you upgrade your home or business, the panel needs to keep up to allow access to power to these different areas. Your electrical panel divides the electrical supply to your home or business into separate “circuits” that are “closed” (complete) when a circuit breaker is closed.

Each circuit is designated for a specific function, such as the lights in the dining room or the oven in the kitchen. If the circuit becomes overloaded, the circuit breaker will “trip” and shut off the flow of electricity to protect both you and your home or business.

Older electrical panels only have a few circuits, which can lead to a few problems. First, there may not be enough room in the panel for all the circuits we use today. Second, the outdated panel may not have the capacity to provide power to all the appliances and devices we use today.

Finally, and most importantly, an outdated electrical panel can be dangerous. An outdated panel does not have the capacity to handle our modern demands, and this can lead to electrical overloads and short circuits.

7 Indicators Your Fort Worth Electric Panel Needs Replacement

Knowing when it’s time to replace your electric panel is crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of your home’s electrical system. Here are seven signs that indicate it may be time to replace your electric panel:

  1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips: If your circuit breakers trip frequently, it could be a sign that your electric panel is overloaded or malfunctioning. This is especially true if you notice this happening even when you’re not using many electrical appliances.
  2. Old Age: Electric panels have a lifespan, typically around 25-40 years depending on the type and quality. If your panel is approaching or exceeding this age range, it’s a good idea to consider replacing it, even if it seems to be working fine.
  3. Fuse Panel: If your home still has a fuse panel rather than a circuit breaker panel, it’s likely outdated and should be replaced. Fuse panels are not as safe or efficient as modern circuit breaker panels.
  4. Corrosion or Rust: If you notice any signs of corrosion or rust on your electric panel, it could indicate moisture infiltration or other issues that compromise its safety and reliability. In such cases, replacement may be necessary.
  5. Flickering Lights or Electrical Issues: Persistent issues like flickering lights, power surges, or outlets that spark when you plug something in can be signs of electrical problems originating from the electric panel.
  6. Burn Marks or Strange Odors: Burn marks or strange odors emanating from the electric panel are serious red flags. These indicate overheating or arcing within the panel, which poses a significant fire hazard and requires immediate attention.
  7. Home Renovations or Upgrades: If you’re planning to renovate your home or add new appliances that require additional power, your existing electric panel may not be equipped to handle the increased load. In such cases, upgrading to a higher-capacity panel may be necessary.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to have a qualified electrician inspect your electric panel to assess its condition and determine if replacement is necessary. Ignoring these signs can lead to safety hazards and costly electrical problems down the line.

Advantages of Electrical Panel Upgrades in Fort Worth

Upgrading your electrical panel can help solve these issues and more:

  • You will have access to more circuits in your home, which will allow you to power up more appliances and devices
  • Your home will be safer since an outdated electrical panel is more likely to have safety issues
  • Your home will be more energy efficient since you can manage the power going to different parts of your home
  • Your home will be better equipped to use EV charging stations

Upgrading your electrical panel is not a do-it-yourself project. The electrical work involved in updating the panel is dangerous and should only be performed by a professional electrician.

Contact Dodson Electric for Expert Electrical Panel Services

Getting the old panel removed and the new one installed can be a tricky process, especially since you need to make sure all the connections are made correctly and the new panel operates as it should. Our team at Dodson Electric is well-versed in the process of installing or upgrading an electrical panel and can help ensure the job is done safely and efficiently.

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